Managing timetables, vehicle & crew planning, as well as rostering takes time, but getting it right can be the most important thing you can do to ensure you are providing a safe and reliable service. Often, rail operators find it challenging to balance excellent service with cost saving measures.

A scheduling system together with optimisation can allow you and your team to do more with less.

Signature Rail solutions are in operational use with railways across the globe. We can provide both individual modules or fully integrated enterprise solutions which, combined with our wealth of rail knowledge and expertise, can positively transform and support your business goals.
Our systems manage all aspects of timetable planning, operations, employee schedules, complex pay rules, and short-term disruptions; and automates many frequently performed tasks, allowing users to complete their work more efficiently and to a higher quality standard.
Our modules provide perfect solutions to your operational challenges backed up with excellent customer support.

CHALLENGES for RAIL operators

Maximising Efficiency, Minimising Resource & Strategic Planning

Do you ever find yourself struggling to plan sufficiently far ahead with the confidence that you have produced a valid plan that considers not only trips, but the equipment and staff needed to operate the timetable?

Disruptions, Deviations and Dealing with Crises

We all understand that plans rarely reflect on-the-day reality. So when something goes awry, do you have the information you need to make an immediate analysis of the cause, and determining the best course of action with regards to crew and rolling stock? And once you have made a decision, are your team as effective as they could be in enacting it?

Technology Integration and Customer-Focused IT Partnership

As the individual responsible for your organisation’s technology provision, your concerns relate to both day-to-day uptime and performance, but also development of present and future technologies in-line with your strategic objectives.


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