Disruptions, Deviations & Dealing with Crises 


Your Challenge

We all understand that plans rarely reflect on-the-day reality. So when something goes awry, do you have the information you need to make an immediate analysis of the cause, and determining the best course of action with regards to crew and rolling stock? And once you have made a decision, are your team as effective as they could be in enacting it? In our experience Heads of Operations have three main issues to overcome:
1) Quickly obtaining accurate information and visibility of the issue
2) Understanding all implications of an amended plan
3) Maximising the effectiveness of a very large team of staff


The Solution

Disparate technology is a major barrier faced by most Heads of Operations because when it’s time to intervene you need to be sure you have accurate, context aware data – and you need to access it quickly as there is often a limited time window in which to react.
By consolidating your technology into a single, fully integrated solution you can be sure that you are always in the best possible position to react to any deviation. You can quickly and easily access information, and be assured that any changes will be implemented so as to ensure that rolling stock is safely managed and maintained, and crew changes are in-line with all relevant labour rules. Where third party technology is required – for example, maintenance software – standard interfaces offer effective coordination (e.g. rolling stock availability and awareness of spare capacity).
Finally, your large team are able to collaborate more effectively because information is accurate and easily shared via a mobile application, with admin workload minimised through automation wherever possible.
Signature Rail’s solutions enable you to:
·       Quickly identify information related to the disruption
·       Implement a revised plan with a clear understanding of implications
·       Automate workload where required to increase team efficiency
·       Interface with 3rd party technologies as required (e.g. asset management and HR systems)


Signature Rail Technology

Signature Rail’s suite of integrated rail solutions help Heads of Operations to understand the situation and quickly implement safe and efficient adjustments:
1) Crew Rostering
2) Operations Management for Stock & Crew
3) Mobile Crew App
4) Optimisation


Maximising Efficiency, Minimising Resource & Strategic Planning

Do you ever find yourself struggling to plan sufficiently far ahead with the confidence that you have produced a valid plan that considers not only trips, but the equipment and staff needed to operate the timetable?

Technology Integration and Customer-Focused IT Partnership

As the individual responsible for your organisation’s technology provision, your concerns relate to both day-to-day uptime and performance, but also development of present and future technologies in-line with your strategic objectives.


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