Introducing Fleet Manager:
A Mission Control Centre for Rail

The need for decision support in rail has never been greater. While rolling stock controllers and managers have long wished for better tools and information to help them react to incidents, the reality is that the challenges facing the sector today have magnified this requirement.

Rolling stock controllers today need access to powerful decision support tools that enable them to respond in real time to any and all changes affecting the delivery of train services – which is why we are so excited about Signature Rail’s new Fleet Manager solution.

Fleet Manager, which is completely integrated with Signature’s existing Train Plan system, operates in real time to record train services affected by a blockage or any form of disruption in real time. This enables rail operators to re-schedule services with minimum disruption to passengers, and eventually recover services back to normal as soon as possible.

In practice Fleet Manager serves as a visual cockpit or mission control centre for managing disruption and handling on the day rail operations.

Here are some of the key elements you can expect from this solution:

Decision Support

Integration with Train Plan means staff have everything they need in one place. Graphs and charts make it far easier to visualise developing situations, enabling controllers to make efficient decisions that reduce operational costs and improve services to passengers.

Turn Plans into Reality

Fleet Manager enables controllers to assign rolling stock units with maintenance and servicing needs in mind. This ensures that the network is safe and reliable, while monitoring all resource usage – including accumulated kms or hours in traffic – to enable predictable future fleet assignments.

Anticipate and Resolve

Any conflicts are detected at the earliest possible stage, with visual indicators to empower decision-makers to assess a developing situation in real time and share data with colleagues.

Keep Services Running

Controllers have the tools needed to respond to any plan deviations resulting from disruption. All operational decisions in the system can then be shared with all other systems to improve coordination across the network.

Fleet Manager for Rail screenshot 1
Fleet Manager for Rail screenshot 2
Fleet Manager for Rail screenshot 3

See how Fleet Manager could become your mission control centre: join our webinar here!

Thursday 15th July 2021
14:30 – 15:10 (BST)