Signature Rail Enterprise Rail Solutions help network infrastructure organisations and rail operators to model, plan and manage the complexity of their operations with maximum efficiency.

From increasing capacity and continuity of service to management of operational targets and resources, staff engagement and passenger satisfaction, our solutions will enable you to set, meet, measure and evaluate key business objectives.


Managing network capacity challenges
The increased uptake of rail travel is placing unprecedented demands on both rail and network infrastructure operators. Organisations must deliver services that can meet capacity challenges without unnecessary levels of congestion and offer the highest levels of service continuity and reliability possible. And all this must be done while paying close attention to energy and fuel efficiency, cost-effectiveness and delivery of safe and reliable service.
Managing schedule disruption
At the level of day-to-day operations and individual services, operators need to be able to react quickly to unexpected disruption, while minimising the impact to staff, crew and passengers. There is never just one option – should a train be re-routed or cancelled altogether? Should vehicle maintenance take place today or at a later date? Operators therefore need to be able to accurately and rapidly assess all of the options available, and have confidence that they have chosen the best way of returning to normal operations.
From design to delivery: Trapeze Enterprise Rail Solution
A result of 25 years’ experience in rail, the Enterprise Rail Solution enables infrastructure organisations and rail operators to respond to all levels of challenges. From the design of brand-new features, through to delivery and ongoing management, our solution covers all aspects of running a 21st-century rail system.

The system does not stand-alone. Our fully integrated technology is also capable of interfacing seamlessly with the diverse range of IT systems used by today’s rail and infrastructure operators, from legacy systems to modern HR and maintenance systems. Signature Rail Enterprise Rail Solution enables organisations to take control of three key areas of rail transportation management. Each area includes multiple modules, so organisations have access to a complete range of tools capable of helping them meet objectives.
On track with Signature Rail
Whether you are a rail operator or a network infrastructure owner, Signature Rail is your ideal technology partner. We offer:
  Increased visibility of your existing operations – and possibilities for the future
  Increased intelligence for developing continual improvements and strategies
  Increased satisfaction from staff, crew and passengers

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