A Simulation Tool for Strategic Decision Making

Our Rail Map solution produces a credible, risk-assessed, working rail infrastructure upon which rail operators can go on to make decisions on fleet strategy and working timetables.

Rail Map directly influences capital investment strategy by identifying and assessing the impact of major expenditure decisions on a significant scale across routes, stations, tunnels, train types, depot locations, signalling systems and power supply.

Rail Map: Key Elements of Simulation and Modelling

Signature Rail’s Rail Map product enables specialists in rail infrastructure modelling to build, simulate and challenge wide-ranging scenarios across the key elements of the rail infrastructure, including power supply, signalling, routes, stations, depots, and train types.


Simulation is a critical task in determining a credible, risk-assessed, working rail infrastructure upon which rail operators can rely.

Informed Decisions

When fully informed by data months or years ahead, rail operators can effectively determine long-term fleet strategy and plan for robust and optimal working timetables.

While Rail Map is a product for infrastructure modelling specialists, its design allows for scenarios to be as simple or as complex as our customers need. Rail Map can simulate relatively straight forward scenarios to quickly shape the decision-making process. However, all scenarios can be saved and enriched over time to drive the very deep levels of data needed when large and complex rail infrastructures are under scrutiny.

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Rail Map: Components

Infrastructure & Traction Modelling

Enables network infrastructure planners to produce run-time calculations, simulate live operations using flexible inputs, and test out the robustness of proposed timetables – without the cost and complexity of doing so live.

Electrical Power Modelling

Power modelling provides an electrical overlay to the infrastructure model, providing iterative feedback into the traction model as well as electrical power consumption data.

Predictive Disruption Analyser

This powerful disruption management tool enables Rail Undertakings (RUs) to simulate an entire network and timetable to ascertain its ability to recover from disrupted conditions.


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