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Today’s Rolling Stock Controllers face an almost impossible challenge when responding to on-the-day disruption, and the constant pressure to keep services running smoothly can make it seem like an overwhelming task.

That is what the team at Go-Ahead Nordic found when trying to juggle disruption management.

Kent Kolnes, Head of IT at Go-Ahead Nordic said: “Managing our stock was very chaotic, especially when unexpected disruption was combined with managing fleet maintenance and communicating this with engineers.”

It became clear that the team needed powerful decision support tools to enable them to respond in real time to changes affecting the delivery of train services.

As an existing user of Signature Rail’s Train Plan system, Go-Ahead Nordic chose to integrate Signature Rail’s Fleet Manager module to provide real time visibility of train services affected by blockages or any other form of disruption.

This enabled the team to reschedule services with minimum disruption to passengers, and to recover services back to normal as soon as possible.

Kent has spent the past 15 years working alongside Signature Rail to develop many products, including Fleet Manager which his team now uses every day.

He said: “Being part of the team meant I helped to set priorities on what features were the most important in Fleet Manager and which ones should be up and running first to start managing disruption in real time.

“For example, I knew that changing the working process was important and moving to using new technology – and we were able to address the most commonly-used functions first, which was extremely helpful.

“Everything is much more controlled with Fleet Manager, and we can now manage this area with one system, rather than several.

“We can access precise readings on fleet performance, so we have a better view on the bigger picture of the network and there is actually less stress-related sickness within the control centre workforce.

“I hope to continue working with Signature Rail to develop future products and combine more functionalities, providing the flexibility to create even more efficiencies.”

With Fleet Manager, controllers can respond to any plan deviations resulting from disruption, and any conflicts are detected at the earliest possible stage, making it easier to assess developing situations.

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