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Creating a Bright Future for Rail Travel within the Modaxo Family

As you may be aware, TTG Transportation Technology joined Modaxo earlier this year, joining Signature and Binary System within the growing family of rail-focused solution providers within Modaxo.

Since the acquisition of TTG we at Signature Rail have begun considering ways in which we could unlock extra value for rail operators using both TTG and Signature Rail products, especially in relation to benefits which may arise if we enabled both businesses’ range of software products to talk to each other for a definable purpose.

Countless times in the past we have heard customers tell us that their lives could be improved if different systems talked to each other more easily. Taking on-board this feedback, we are currently exploring the potential to export whole timetable planning data direct from Signature Rail to TTG’s in-cabin driver advisory software on the train.

There are significant benefits to be unlocked here, not least right time running – getting a good handle on what sectional running and dwell times  which would be extremely useful in countries with far-reaching networks.

Together Signature Rail and TTG have two established software products, both of which are resilient and dependable for their users. We have therefore designed a schema that can pass data from the timetable planning product, Train Plan®, to the driver advisory system,Energymiser®

Interestingly, while this connection seems certain to be highly valuable for customers, it is actually a fairly straight forward development. In fact, perhaps the most difficult part of the process is spotting the opportunity in the first place.

This process is therefore an illustration of power of being within a group like Modaxo – and one of the reasons why we continue to make the most ofcollaborating with our sister companies within the group. By working together, we are able to create more value for our customers, and to collectively build a bright future for Rail travel and sustainable mobility across the globe.

Any rail operators who are interested in exploring this further, please get in touch.