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Efficient Planning: Your Journey Starts Here

Signature Rail enables train planners to quickly and easily produce fully optimised timetables taking into consideration all required resources and constraints.

An array of agile, intuitive tools and powerful algorithms empower effective decisions through complex ‘what if’ scenario planning; enabling the construction of timetables, allocation of crews and vehicles, and detection and resolution of conflicts before trains are put into action.


Why Signature Rail for planning


Plans You Can Count On

One system means one absolute source of the truth. Enjoy total trust in the integrity of your plans - and assurance that all services are covered at all times.

Right First Time. Every Time

Planners can instantly move resources to create the fully optimised plans - with validation rules to avoid costly and damaging mistakes.

We Supercharge Rail Planners

All data accessible in one user friendly system, enabling lightning fast production, validation and communication of plans. Effortlessly use variant diagrams to manage special events.


  • Creates train schedules and provides planners with tools to manage timetabling across all time horizons (long-term, short-term, very short-term planning), including changes required for possessions and unexpected events.
  • Correctly assigns vehicles and anonymous crews to create a robust, working timetable.
  • Fully supports the rail operator's business process and automatically validates the schedule for conflicts.
  • Provides an environment for ‘what if’ scenarios and has extensive calendaring functionality.
  • Powerful graphic and tabular displays with complete display of service schedule information simplify modification or addition of services (which can be done in bulk).
  • A vehicle and crew optimiser module can be added to optimise the number of train diagrams and automate complete crew schedules.

TrainPlan Video Demo: See it in Action!

Creating Variant Vehicle Diagrams


Managing Over-Running Engineering Works


Assign Uncovered Trains


Plan and Track Fuelling Activity and Distances



  • Uses the schedule already prepared through Timetable Planning to create Vehicle Diagrams (Blocks and Runs) and Crew Diagrams (anonymous Rosters).
  • Automatically validates against planning regulations, traction types and working rule directives.
  • Fully supports splitting and joining of trains to provide the given services.
  • Provides tracking of fuel, maintenance distances and crew hours and costs.

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