On-the-Day Operations and Disruption Management

All train operators are required to intervene during the day of operation in order to protect customer experience by managing resources, seeking alternative solutions and controlling the costs associated with short term changes. Signature Rail solutions support this process by enabling train operators to respond quickly and effectively when planned train services are disrupted.

With Signature Rail, planners and controllers within the rail operations centre are able to retain control over the safe operation of train schedules by managing the availability of trains and crew – even during times of major disruption with rapidly changing circumstances.


Why Signature Rail for On-the-Day

Turn Plans into Reality

With all the tools in one place, we enable rail operators to keep services running - whatever the day throws at you.

Problem? No Problem!

Everything you need to make the right decisions: drivers, trains, maintenance status and more.

Address Issues – Before They Happen

Identify potential issues and save them as contingency layers - so when something happens on the day you're already two steps ahead.

Effective Disruption Management: The Key Elements

Tools that can process a broad range of scenarios quickly and accurately, enabling them to make fully informed decisions.

Trains can be de-assigned and re-assigned in response and in real time to track disruption, for example landslip, flood, broken-down freight train, fallen trees or escaped livestock, trespass, power failure or signalling failure.

Replacement trains go through an optimised process that considers the maintenance status of every train and the geographical location of suitable drivers.

Our tools ensure that rail controllers have a high degree of confidence in the actions and decisions on-the-day. This ensures that downstream systems receive trusted information that can be depended upon to run a railway.


  • Minimise the impact and consequences of disruption to services on the day of operations
  • Use visual dashboards to take action and keep the trains running
  • Locate and assign the right replacement trains as disruption arise
  • Execute contingency plans in response to emergencies or weather events
  • Communicate trusted information to downstream systems in real time

Fleet Manager Video Demo: See it in Action!

Watch as Signature Rail’s Antony Chilton-Murphy and John Gibson walk through the Fleet Manager product.

Making the Plan a Reality


See More of the Situation


Anticipate and Resolve to Prevent Disruption


Keeping the Trains Running


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