The Ability to Quality Check Any Timetable: NeTEx

Signature Rail hosted a Webinar this week for all it’s Scandinavian customers. We have a strong presence in Norway and Sweden providing rail operators with train planning and on-the-day service disruption software. We took the opportunity to present our Product Road Map and the investment we’re making in hosting/web services alongside new ‘fast-track’ methodologies to develop new software for rail operators to drive efficiency and reduce the cost of operations.

As well as presenting our TTG Driver Advisory Software capabilities and a detailed assessment of the rail network and its long term strategy from Peter Hausken (specialist rail consultant in Scandinavia), we also learnt about the power of NeTEx from Mike Stallybrass.

The NeTEx Integrator is a very powerful tool for quality checking any timetable, including any short-term changes. It checks not just the trains, but can include replacement buses, rolling-stock, crews, commercial attributes, and seat reservation information.  It combines data from multiple sources, tracking all relevant changes, to present a complete integrated view, highlighting any inconsistencies found.  Finally, the complete timetable can be output, using the EU standard NeTEx protocol, to multiple consumers such as journey planning engines.

Whilst Mike has now retired from a lifelong career in the Railway Industry ten years ago, he has continued to work as a Consultant for Signature Rail, ever since. He is also a member of an EU Steering Committee representing the evolution of the NeTEx standard that is being adopted by countries across Europe.

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Mike Stallybrass, Principal Consultant at Signature Rail