Signature Rail at Digital Rail Revolution Online

Signature Rail is proud to be sponsoring, exhibiting and speaking at this year’s Digital Rail Revolution Online event, where the team will be presenting new product enhancements and capabilities. Attendees will see a new product called Fleet Manager – a powerful tool for rail controllers to minimise the impact and disruption to on-the-day train services. Antony Chilton-Murphy and John Gibson will present a recorded video demonstrating the value that Fleet Manager can provide for rail controllers conducting the stressful task of keeping train services running smoothly and in real time. Additionally, Adrian Gransbury will present a series of engaging recorded video ‘shorts’ showing how Signature Rail’s Train Plan product transforms the task of timetable planning. Attendees will be able to see how some of the most time-consuming and complex challenges can be overcome quickly and consistently. For example,
  • How to create and publish ‘variant’ vehicle diagrams
  • How to manage over-running engineering works
  • The importance of assigning uncovered trains
  • Planning and tracking bi-mode fuelling activity and distances
Produced by Global Railway Review, the two-day online conference will reflect the increased focus on digital solutions and services in the rail industry. Maintaining the focus on audience quality, the event creates the optimum platform for networking and information exchange. Delegates will learn from several global railway leaders sharing their digital transformation experiences in a case-study led agenda and engaging in a series of recorded product demonstrations presenting the latest innovations, technology advances, and digital solutions. To find out more, please visit the event site here.