Disruption Management and Optimal On-the-Day Operations

Signature Rail provides powerful software tools that enable train operators to respond quickly and effectively when planned train services are disrupted on the day of operation. All train operators will intervene to protect customer experience by managing resources, seeking alternative solutions and controlling the costs associated with short term changes.

Planners and controllers within the rail operations centre can use Signature Rail software to retain control over the safe operation of train schedules by managing the availability of trains and crew – even during times of major disruption with rapidly changing circumstances.

Effective Disruption Management: The Key Elements

Every issue that disrupts the safe operation of train schedules can be countered with alternative options, all of which impact differently on resources available at the time. Planners and controllers benefit substantially from tools that can process a broad range of scenarios quickly and accurately, enabling fully informed decision making.

Very short-term decisions can have a profound impact on the day of operations. For example, should trains be re-routed or cancelled if there is an obstruction on the line such as a landslip, flood, broken-down freight train, fallen trees or escaped livestock, trespass, power failure or signalling failure? Should a train set leave traffic early if there is a technical fault or can it continue until end of service that day? What if there is a train but no crew, or vice versa?

It is imperative that train operators are able to accurately and rapidly assess all potential scenarios available to them and be completely confident in their actions and decisions. Signature Rail’s software tools are an invaluable and dependable part of this activity.

Planning Around an Issue

Ensure what ends up in a driver’s plan reflects reality, enabling managers to build accurate rolling stock and crew plans around any incidents or disruption.

Assessing Scenarios

Rail operators can access all the information needed to manage scenarios as they develop, adapting in real time to ensure the best possible outcome.


See all graphical maps, passenger information and services together via a common interface to harness the power in the data and enable efficient decision making.

Publicising Changes

Handle complicated situations as efficiently as possible and publish new or revised timetables quickly to avoid further disruption.

Ensure robust, efficient on-the-day operations: Let’s talk!

On-the-Day Modules

Fleet Manager

Minimise the impact and consequences of disruption to services on the day of operations.

A visual dashboard of all the data needed to take action to keep the trains running.

Locate and assign the right replacement trains as disruption arise.

Execute contingency plans in response to emergencies or weather events.

Communicate decisions to downstream systems in real time.

This short video demonstrates the value of Fleet Manager for rail controllers.


Automated Disruption Response

Respond quickly and in a coordinated fashion in the event of disruptions.

Make informed and timely decisions based on accurate information, utilising pre-defined or auto-generated response scenarios.

Execute all necessary plan changes rapidly and consistently, disseminating information to all necessary parties.

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