Control Centre operations involve a multitude of management tasks in order to keep trains running smoothly and efficiently. These range from on-going tracking and monitoring to extensive re-planning and coordination of resource deployment during incidents. Our ON-THE-DAY modules enable operators to run highly connected, intelligent business processes, today and into the future.

Modules Include

Crew Rostering & Registration
Get a holistic view of who is doing what today, tracking lateness and absences. Avoid inconsistencies and double-entry effort with integration between crew control and HR/payroll systems.
Crew Coordination
Execute your intended deployment of crew effectively with direct communication with the exact people required. Keep everyone abreast of plan alterations. Alert crew to problems and provide in-contect guidance. Remove all the paperwork.
Disruption Response
Respond quickly and in a coordinated fashion in the event of disruptions. Make informed and timely decisions based on accurate tracking information combined with pre-defined or auto-generated response scenarios. Execute all necessary plan changes rapidly and consistently, disseminating plan alteration information to all necessary parties.
Resource Management
Allocate the crew and rolling stock needed for the plan each day, tracking and forecasting usage over time. Anticipate breaches in operations constraints such as maintenance distances or consecutive duty hours. Ensure a single but open system of record for all crew and rolling stock used for data analysis and process improvement.

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