Customer Case Study: Metrolinx

Metrolinx in Canada is undertaking the largest transportation investment in Ontario’s history in pursuit of the goal of championing, developing and implementing an integrated transportation system that enhances prosperity, sustainability and quality of life across the region.

Signature Rail is supporting this endeavour by embracing a partnership approach in relation to the delivery of optimised timetable and fleet planning processes.

A Single Source of Truth

When Metrolinx first approached Signature Rail, the team required help with the production of conflict-free timetables and train services.

After discussing the requirements in depth to truly understand the customer’s needs, the Signature Rail team was able to implement a ‘single source of truth’ solution – products that are at the core of operations and act as a data hub to feed all other systems, resulting in a streamlined and seamless user experience.

This collective consultation also enabled staff at Metrolinx to adopt a much more unified and collaborative approach with all their other systems – resulting in seamlessly integrated, streamlined technology solutions that are crucial for efficient, conflict-free train service delivery.

The Metrolinx team report that Signature Rail’s Train Plan and Resource Plan are at the centre of the operation, helping to optimise route and fleet planning. Staff are able to quickly and effectively react to any form of disruption, assisted by automatically generated alternative scenarios that are as close to the original plan as possible.

Working Together Towards Delivery

Metrolinx and Signature Rail had a mutual understanding and respect when it came to overcoming challenges. Both parties were resilient and tackled issues together as a single team, which meant overall the project was hugely successful and delivery was completed on time.

With the project now delivered, staff are making the new tools part of their everyday workflows and can focus their efforts on fully optimising services and managing disruption, thereby ensuring a better travelling experience for passengers.

Maintaining a Trusted Relationship

Signature Rail continues to work closely with the team at Metrolinx and remains keen to develop its products further to suit Metrolinx’s needs.

And with the entire Signature Rail team working in an extremely hands-on manner,  the team at Metrolinx felt supported through the entire process and a trusting relationship was built.

Metrolinx staff report a fantastic working relationship with the Signature Rail team, and a sense of security that they can always reach out for support where required.

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