An Appreciation for UK Rail Planners

The Untold Story: Rail Planning Through a Pandemic One of few the bright spots through the Covid-19 pandemic has been the widespread appreciation for the


Workforce Management

In this video we show how Signature Rail solutions enable rail organisations to effectively manage their workforce.


Ready to Unleash Your Planning Potential?

Signature Rail provides agile, intuitive tools that empower planners, enabling the construction of timetables, allocation of crews and vehicles, and detection and resolution of conflicts before trains are put into action. This video explains how they work.

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Customer Story

Data and Integration for Efficiency, Passenger Experience and a Greener Future

“In rail, something always goes wrong. We often say that Murphy works in rail. But not only Murphy; his whole family too!”

This comment from Vy’s (formerly Norwegian State Railways, NSB) Peter Hausken perfectly captures his keen sense of humour.

But dig a little deeper and you realise it also underlines what has made him such a powerful advocate for change.

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Case Study

Customer Case Study: Vy

With multiple technology solutions across different areas, Vy wanted to ensure all systems worked in harmony, supporting the production of effective plans that flow through to the day of operation. Special Advisor Peter Hausken explains how the team uses technology to manage disruptions, enabling better informed decisions and ensuring accuracy of information to passengers.

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The UK Rail Sector Visualised

Antony Chilton-Murphy identifies current disrupters and drivers of change, and outlines how technology can serve as an ‘enabler’ – with specific focus on decision science as a way to manage the incredibly diverse and complex variables faced by today’s train planners.