Timetable planning

Efficient Planning: Your Journey Starts Here

Signature Rail enables train planners to quickly and easily produce fully optimised timetables taking into consideration all required resources and constraints.

Agile, intuitive tools and powerful algorithms empower effective decisions through complex ‘what if’ scenario planning, enabling the construction of timetables, allocation of crews and vehicles, and detection and resolution of conflicts before trains are put into action.

Essential Elements of Effective Planning

Signature Rail optimises planning processes in four ways:


Automation of vehicle and crew assignments reduces operational costs, facilitating the production of conflict-free timetables and meeting union rules.


Intuitive tools and access to all relevant information enables planners to react quickly and easily to any unplanned variations.


Powerful algorithms can process vast quantities of data, enabling planners to strategically explore available options to deliver maximum efficiency.


Seamless integration across trains, vehicles and crew ensures that managers have complete visibility regarding all key performance indicators

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Planning Modules


Creates train schedules and provides planners with tools to manage timetabling across all time horizons (long-term, short-term, very short-term planning), including changes required for possessions and unexpected events.

Fully supports the rail operator's business process and automatically validates the schedule for conflicts.

Provides an environment for ‘what if’ scenarios and has extensive calendaring functionality.

Powerful graphic and tabular displays with complete display of service schedule information simplify modification or addition of services (which can be done in bulk)

Demonstrating TrainPlan: Creating Variant Vehicle Diagrams

Adrian Gransbury illustrates how easy it is to manage a special event by creating a variant train diagram.


Demonstrating TrainPlan: Managing Over-Running Engineering Works

Adrian Gransbury illustrates how easy it is to manage over-running engineering works.


Demonstrating TrainPlan: Assign Uncovered Trains

Adrian Gransbury illustrates how easy it is to assign ‘uncovered trains’ to ensure all train services are covered


Demonstrating TrainPlan: Plan and Track Fuelling Activity and Distances

Adrian Gransbury, demonstrates how easy it is to plan fuelling activity and track fuelling distances (taking into account BI-mode fleets).



Uses the schedule already prepared through Timetable Planning to create Vehicle Diagrams (Blocks and Runs) and Crew Diagrams (anonymous Rosters).

Automatically validates against planning regulations, traction types and working rule directives.

Fully supports splitting and joining of trains to provide the given services.

Provides tracking of fuel, maintenance distances and crew hours and costs.


Automates and optimises the creation of vehicle diagrams and crew work schedules.

Considers all data inputs, constraints and parameters.

Optimiser is delivered in partnership with QAMPO, a Decision Science specialist with a proven track record in helping organisations to simplify complex operations through the utilisation of Mathematical Modelling, Optimisation and Machine Learning principles.

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